Fun Places for 5 Year Olds

Five-year-olds approach life with curiosity and excitement. Taking that curiosity on the road to fun destinations inspires your child to continue exploring her world. While each city and state offers its own entertainment spots for children, some basic types of venues are available in most areas. Investigate the local offerings in your city to find specific locales for your 5-year-old's entertainment.

Children's Museums

Children's museums house interactive displays ideal for curious and active 5-year-olds. The displays typically encompass an educational value in an entertaining format. Science often influences the topics for children's museum displays. Typical subjects include dinosaurs, food providers, gravity, space and water 1. Since they are made specifically for children, these venues encourage children to explore in a hands-on manner. Most displays are constructed to stand up to the wear and tear inflicted by young children.

Train Rides

Check for the availability of a local recreational railroad. Some areas offer sightseeing train rides as a way to preserve railways no longer used commercially. Trains appeal to young children so the opportunity to see and ride in a full-sized train offers a fun activity for 5-year-olds.

Baseball Game

Baseball games hold a place on the list of classic family activities. By 5, children can likely sit through most of a baseball game. The atmosphere and special food associated with the ball park offers additional appeal to young children. The typical baseball season runs from late spring to fall, making this an ideal summertime entertainment option for families. Consider other professional or minor league sports teams in your city for more options.


A visit to a farm allows your child to see how it operates firsthand. The average 5-year-old knows the basics of the animals that live on a farm but may not understand how the farm works. Find a local farmer willing to let you visit his farm for the day. Many areas have pumpkin farms or apple orchards open to the public. Farm animals are a common component to these venues. Following up the farm visit with a trip to a farmer's market or grocery store allows you to discuss how produce arrives to our homes from the farms.