End-of-Year Activities For Elementary School

As the school year winds to an end, elementary school students anticipate parties and events that get them out of the classroom routine and allow for some celebration and play time with their classmates. Year-end activities can also happen in the classroom and focus on art or writing, with a focus on memories of the school year, friendships and dreams for the future.

Field Days

Elementary school field days, typically held in the spring, devote half or most of a school day to organized outdoor activities designed to promote team spirit and independence. Teachers and parents plan an active, fun-filled day on the school grounds, and schedule all elementary grades on one day, or they can schedule several field days, one day for each grade level. Activities can include sack races, egg balancing races, hula hoop competitions, croquet, flying disc and jumping rope, along with an ice cream sundae bar and craft activities.

Year-End T-Shirts

Students enjoy creating their own T-shirts and signing each other's shirts to collect memories of special friends from the school year. Any elementary grade can participate in this activity by bringing a plain white T-shirt to school, a sponge and a paper bag. At school, kids can cut the sponge into a shape of an object representing their personality and stamp it with fabric paint. The bag inside the shirt will prevent the paint from running through the fabric. Once you’ve stamped the shirts and the paint has dried, students can wear the shirts and get autographs from their friends.

Digital Yearbook

While some elementary schools sell printed yearbooks, a yearbook option everyone can afford is also easy to make. You can produce it on presentation software or photo software and represent a particular grade. Students and their parents may e-mail photos from the school year, and the teacher can add his or her own digital photos of the class and its activities. Similar to the process of creating a print yearbook, students can be responsible for sections of the yearbook and even create their own pages. The product would be a presentation software file or a picture file that all students could take home with them via a flash drive or CD.

Graduation Party

Schools often organize 'graduation' ceremonies for exiting fifth or sixth graders, depending on the highest grade at a school. Outside of school, parents may organize a party for the oldest grade to celebrate their achievements and transition to a new school. Ideas for a party include a visit to a theme park, community pool or beach, or a party organized indoors in a community building. Parent committees manage food, games and decorations to create a fun atmosphere for the pre-teens.