Effective Communication Skills for Teens

Learning to communicate effectively with peers is a skill that many teenagers need to acquire for success in life. How a teenager interacts with adults and other students can affect their school and home life. There are several different techniques teenagers can use to improve their communication skills and find a way to speak with others so that their message comes across clearly and concisely 1.

Learning to Listen

Becoming a good communicator means becoming a good listener. Teach your teen how to listen carefully to what people are saying, and to make eye contact to show the person speaking that he is following what the speaker is saying. Your teenager should not let his mind wander, and should save his questions for when the speaker is completely finished, so as not to interrupt the speaker.

Body Language

Teach your teenager how to maintain proper posture in order to convey confidence and poise when speaking with people. When speaking to others, a teen should maintain eye contact as this lets the listener know that the teenager is confident and comfortable in his message and speaking abilities. Learning to make appropriate hand gestures to emphasise points, and not putting his hands in his pocket and looking down at the ground when speaking will increase the teenager's communication skills 1.

Speaking Clearly

Make sure your teenager is communicating in a proper tone of voice and is enunciating each word so that she is understood by her listener. Have your teenager practice speaking slowly and clearly in front of a mirror so that she can see how her mouth forms the words she speaks, and she can observe when she is speaking too fast or mumbling and not speaking clearly enough.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a frequent part of high school and college debate and speech classes. Teenagers should start practicing speaking in front of groups of people to build their confidence level. Learning the various forms of speech presentation as well as how to carry himself in a confident style while speaking clearly and in the proper volume and tone will assist the teenager in communication with friends, family and peers.