Easy Watercolor Cards

Today I’m extending a helping hand to moms everywhere with a pretty project the kids can easily create. The simple technique behind these watercolor cards makes them a great choice for children of all ages, and the results are really quite lovely.

To get started you’ll need some white crayons and a set of basic watercolor paints. You’ll also need paper, which can be as simple as a folded piece of printer paper. I bought a pack of 5-by-7 inch pre-folded card stock and matching envelopes from my local craft store.

In experimenting with this technique, my kids and I found that not all crayons are created equal. You may want to splurge on a set from the art supply section of your local craft store rather than relying on a box from the grocery store, as high-quality crayons seem to show up better under the paint.

Also, there are a number of new crayon products made especially for young children. My 22-month-old especially likes crayon rocks and crayons with a triangular shape because they’re easier for her to hold.

Ask older children to draw a picture or write a special message. You might even suggest writing out the words to a favorite story or a favorite song. Younger kids can scribble or trace their own hands.

Once you’re done coloring, it’s time to paint. Get your brush wet and then dip it into the watercolors.

It doesn’t take much water to get a good amount of color on the paper. Kids love this part because their renderings start to appear from beneath the paint like magic.

If the kids ask for more direction, encourage them to use lots of colors for a bright cheerful look. Mixing colors, as well as brushes if you have various sizes, will also add interest to their masterpieces.

When the cards have dried, open them up and write a special message inside. If getting the paper wet caused it to warp a bit, place the dry card between some heavy books for a few hours. The end result will be a frame-worthy card any recipient will love.

Photo Credits: Stephanie Morgan