Easy Valentine Cut & Paste Crafts for Kids

Celebrate Valentine's Day by making some simple and fun crafts. Whether you're entertaining a group of young children at a Valentine's Day party or keeping your youngster entertained to keep her from bubbling over with festive excitement -- also known as bouncing off the walls. Placing the focus of the holiday on the crafts is also a creative way to remove the spotlight from candies, chocolates and other Valentine goodies.


Have your child make an adorable teddy bear Valentine from a few pieces of construction paper. Help your child draw a teddy bear on a sheet of brown construction paper and cut out the shape. Cut out a heart shape from red construction paper, write, “I Love You" on the heart and glue it to the teddy bear's chest. Fold the bear's arms down over the heart to hide it for a special surprise for the recipient. You also help your youngster make a pop-up heart card from a large heart and a smaller one. Just cut out the two hearts and fold each of them in half. Glue the smaller heart inside with the fold facing the opposite way.


Make a heart garland with your child to hang across the living room wall. Cut a large heart from red, pink and white pieces of construction paper and then cut smaller hearts out from the larger hearts. By the time you are finished you will have several different-sized hearts with hollow centers. Make a slit in each heart, join them together like a chain and glue each slit back together. Make a garden of heart-shaped flowers, too, by helping your child glue heart-shaped blooms on stems with heart-shaped leaves. Help your child make a textured, tactile sensory-rich heart decoration to display on her wall from poster board, tissue paper, cotton balls or glitter. Cut out any size heart from the poster board, have your child adorn it by gluing on pieces of the different items and that's it!


Your child can transform plain pencils into decorative Valentine's Day gifts by gluing one end of a red, white or pink chenille stick onto each one. Shape the remainder of the chenille stick into a heart, add a dab of glue to the other end, and wrap it around the pencil end. Make little Valentine pouches to hold a chocolate or two, from a pair of felt heart shapes. Glue the shapes together from the bottom to the peaks of the curved tops, let the glue dry, and slide the chocolate inside. Make a bookmark for a special bookworm from heart shapes cut from craft foam. Cut a medium-size heart for the worm's head and six to eight small hearts for the body. Glue the hearts together -- one overlapping the one beneath -- and glue a pair of googly eyes and chenille stick antennae to the head.

Boxes and Baskets

Make sure your child can collect all her Valentine's with a simple cereal box mailbox. Seal up the box and glue sheets of construction paper over top. Cut a slot in the front of the box and have your child decorate the box by gluing paper and felt hearts all over. If you have matchboxes left over from summer barbecues, transform them into miniature boxes. Glue pieces of Valentine-themed wrapping paper around the boxes and fill them with love notes, candies or candy-coated chocolates. Make a heart-shape basket with your child so she can fill it with a few Valentine's Day cookies to share with a special friend. Make the basket from two poster board hearts glued together along the sides. Fold a piece of wax paper in half and slide it into the basket to help hold it open and line the basket. Cut a poster board heart handle and glue it to the basket.