Easy to Build LEGO Ideas

Children have been playing with LEGO building sets since the company's founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen, began manufacturing the colorful bricks in the early 1930s in Billund, Denmark 1. Today, the LEGO empire has grown to include museums and theme parks. Children may be most familiar with the company's branded sets--LEGO Star Wars, Indiana Jones and others--but it's possible to easily build vehicles, houses and other creations with loose bricks. All it takes is imagination.

Simple Car

Most people are familiar with LEGO's interlocking square and rectangular bricks. But many LEGO sets also include several other pieces, such as wheels, blocks that resemble glass, and even small pipes and bumpers. With such an assortment of pieces, a child can easily create a simple LEGO car. A child with a large number of LEGO building bricks can create an entire highway's worth of cars of all colors, sizes and sizes 1.

City Skyline

All those LEGO cars need to somewhere to park. What better place than a major city? With LEGO's interlocking bricks of all sizes, a child can create his own city skyline. This, too, gives a child the chance to express his creativity. A child can easily make tiny square houses and large towering skyscrapers. He also can create police stations and firehouses. A child can even create a replica of his own home. LEGO bricks come in a rainbow's variety of colors, so it shouldn't be difficult for a child to reproduce the colors of his own home.

Other Vehicles

The cars and the buildings are covered. Now a child can create a slew of other vehicles to populate his busy world. With flat LEGO bricks and several traditional bricks, a child can quickly create boats. He can even adorn them with towering smokestacks. Fans of trains can create LEGO locomotives. And why should a child limit himself to planet Earth? Those with a bent for sci-fi can snap together spaceships. And because spaceships are purely the stuff of imagination, a child can get as creative as he'd like without worrying about making something that "doesn't look right."

Lakes, Roads and Highways

All these vehicles need now is something on which to travel. It's time for children to create wide lakes, snapping together as many blue LEGO bricks as they can find. A child can create his own highways with grey bricks, and use red bricks to make a cobblestone road. A child hungry for speed can use a combination of grey, yellow and black bricks to create a speedway.