How to Dress a Little Girl for the Father & Daughter Sweetheart Ball

You've read her all the princess stories and she's seen all the movies. Now it's her turn to play the lead with the best prince in town — her daddy. Many communities host a special night for dads and daughters to dress up and dance 1. Make the night extra special for your tot and her prince by taking the time to plan her outfit and dress her in style. Your tiny dancer and her handsome dad will be the belles of the Father and Daughter Sweetheart Ball.

Paint her nails a pretty color that will match her outfit. Paint a colored flower on one or more nails by dipping a toothpick in the nail polish and drawing a simple design. Use a clear polish if you prefer.

Find undergarments that aren't itchy or uncomfortable. Add tights or fancy socks, depending on the weather. Put a slip on her if her dress is sheer.

Slip her dress on. Make sure the dress is a color she likes and a length that she can comfortably dance in. Make sure the color complements her dad's tie 1.

Put her dress shoes on. Let her wear ballet slippers in black, pink or white if she won't be comfortable in fancy shoes for the entire evening — or send them in dad's car just in case.

Give your daughter a hairstyle that will make her feel like a princess 1. Curl it or put a fancy braid in it. Attach a ribbon that matches her dress or use a bobby pin to attach a fresh flower.

Spray a tiny amount of perfume on her wrist or rub some scented lotion on her arms to give her a sweet smell.

Have her father give her a miniature corsage that she can slip on her wrist or pin to her dress. Tell the florist it is for a preschool-aged girl to ensure an appropriate size.

Take pictures of daddy and daughter before they depart for the evening. Place the photo in a frame in her bedroom so she can remember the wonderful evening of the enchanted Father and Daughter Sweetheart Ball and look forward to the next one.