How Do I Start My Two Year Old in Modeling?

Parents will often try to pave the way for a lucrative career for their child by introducing them into the world of modeling at any early age. Child models are used in everything from store catalogs to commercials. This type of work can lead to even bigger possible careers such as movies and television. To get started your child will need a modeling portfolio as well as some exposure which is often offered in on-line modeling contests and pageants.

Make your child a modeling portfolio, also known as a modeling profile. This is an important tool for any model to have regardless of their age. Setting up a portfolio is not difficult. It consists of a set of photographs, mostly headshots, and all information regarding your child. The profile is what gets sent to potential agents and clients who are looking for child models. You can hire a professional photographer to take the photographs or you can take them yourself.

Consider hiring an online portfolio service to represent your child. Services such as these make the portfolios for you as well as introduce your child to modeling agencies that work with children.

Enter your child in online modeling contests such as Contests for Moms 2. If you child places or wins this is good information to include on your child's portfolio. The Cute Kid also hosts contests with monetary prizes as well as modeling contracts for winners featured by stores such as Kohl's and Sears.

Talk with local businesses that do their own advertising and make their own commercials. Small businesses such as these may not require your child to have an agent and might consider featuring her in their advertising. Any work your child does such as this should also be featured in her portfolio.

Search for beauty pageants for toddlers in your area such as those sponsored by county fairs, schools and businesses. Winners at local pageants can go on to compete in state or national pageants which often offer modeling contracts as prizes.