What Disposable Diapers Are Plain White?

Disposable diapers are convenient, but the problem with many disposable diapers is that they covered with designs 1. Cartoon characters, teddy bears or other images show through a baby’s clothing. With so many brands selling diapers with designs, finding plain white disposable diapers is not always an easy task 1. The first part of finding the diapers is knowing which brands make plain white diapers.

Whole Foods 365

Not only are Whole Foods 365 diapers white, they are also eco-friendly. These diapers are free of dyes, latex, chlorine and fragrance, which make them a hypoallergenic option for babies with sensitive skin.

Bamboo Nature

Bamboo Nature diapers are another eco-friendly diaper option that are mostly white. They have tiny characters on the front, but only on the location where the tabs go to make it easier to put the diaper on the baby properly. These Denmark-based diapers are designed to prevent leaks.

Earth’s Best

Earth’s Best diapers are a dye-free, chlorine-free option. The product is ideal for babies with sensitive skin because it does not have any added perfumes.