How to Cut a Mohawk on a Young Boy

Mohawks, named after the fierce Indian warriors who initiated them, are a fashion statement in some circles. Rather than just taking the clippers and hacking away, take a bit of time to carefully consider the type of Mohawk that would look best on a young boy. With a textured look, he can gel it up for parties or skateboarding but wear it down like a regular hairstyle for school. If the Mohawk is for a very young boy, say, younger than 3 years old, he may not able to sit still for too long. The Lazy Mama recommends putting him in a highchair in front of the television with his favorite toys while you complete the Mohawk haircut 1.

Put a large shirt on the young boy. This will keep the hair from adhering to his clothes and will make cleanup easier.

Put two strips of masking tape on the boy's head outlining where you want the Mohawk to be. You can create a V-shape so the Mohawk is wider in the front of the head and narrower in the back or make the Mohawk strip the same width throughout.

Use a number-two setting on the hair clippers to take off the first layer of hair. Run the clippers over all the hair that is not within the lines of the masking-taped Mohawk section.

Clip the bottom half of the head with the number-one clipper setting. Imagine the head in four sections with one line dissecting the head vertically where the center hair part would be and a horizontal line running from one ear to the other. Use the number-one hair clipper setting on the bottom two sections (below the ears) of the head on either side of the Mohawk strip and fade into the top, number-two-clipped sections. This gives the Mohawk a gradual look with the option of wearing it as a regular haircut.

Thin the hair on the top of the boy's head with the thinning scissors. In the top two quarters outside the Mohawk strip, where the hair is longer, take pieces of hair between your fingers and cut the ends in a zigzag with the thinning scissors. Do this throughout the two upper quarters. This will give the hair extra body.

Remove the masking tape. Thin the hair on the top of the head within the Mohawk strip with the thinning scissors. Take pieces of the hair in the strip between your fingers and cut the ends in a zigzag like in step five. This gives a textured look through the top of the Mohawk. Leave the center back hair in the Mohawk long, as this adds additional shape.

Remove the shirt and brush the stray hair from the back of the boy's neck. Wet the Mohawk section of hair and apply hair gel throughout. Blow dry the Mohawk with a hair dryer to make the hair stand up properly.


Before you begin, scrutinize Mohawk styles and pick the most appropriate one for the young boy. The choices include long and pointy, short and spiked or the horse's mane, where a wider strip of bangs hangs over the forehead like its namesake. For a very young child, in step four, clip all the hair that is not within the masking tape strip with a number-one clipper setting and skip step five. This will make the haircut quicker and keep him from getting restless. If you don't have thinning scissors, use regular scissors to cut zigzag patterns in the ends of the hair you are thinning.