How to Cuddle With Your Baby

Although small and helpless, a baby also has built-in defenses and reflexes that contribute to surprising strength, according to the Sutter Health website. A baby, fitting easily in your arms as you hold him, is the perfect size for cuddling and snuggling. Cement a strong bond between you and your baby with frequent cuddle-sessions that will build security and a sense of well-being in your baby.

Standard Cuddling

Hold your baby in your arms so her head is nestled near your neck and your arms encircle the baby completely and securely.

Sway or move your body while standing to provide some rhythmic movement to calm your baby.

Speak or sing softly to your baby as you hold him to give him ample opportunities to hear your voice. Say your baby’s name, sing special songs or even just hum a random tune.


Sit in a comfortable rocking chair with your baby in your arms.

Hold your baby in a horizontal position across your body with the baby’s head in the crook of one arm and the baby’s bum near your hand. Support the baby’s body with your other arm at the same time.

Rock the chair as you sit, snuggling and jiggling the baby gently in your arms. Speak or sing softly to the baby. Read to your baby or tell her stories, suggests the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System 2. Maintain eye contact with the baby as you hold her.


Remove your baby’s clothing except for his diaper and remove your clothing so you’re undressed from the waist up to allow for skin-to-skin cuddling, advises the website for Group Health Cooperative 3.

Lie on a bed with pillows beneath your head to support your upper body. Place your baby tummy-down on your chest, skin-to-skin, with your baby’s head resting to either side.

Drape a light blanket over both you and your baby, taking care to ensure that the blanket does not cover the baby’s face. The blanket should not extend higher than the baby’s shoulders.

Repeat the skin-to-skin cuddling as often as you can – especially while your baby is a newborn – advises Group Health Cooperative 13. Babies who experience this type of cuddling can regulate their body heat more efficiently and stay calmer and happier.