Cub Scout First Aid Training

Boy Scouts of America takes a keen interest in teaching safety precautions and first aid skills to all Cub Scouts 12. Cub Scouts are required to complete one of two first aid courses before progressing to the next scout group.

First Aid for Children Today

The American Red Cross First Aid for Children Today course is a 10- to 14-hour course designed for children ages 5 to 8. The course focuses on injury prevention, recognizing environmental dangers, health and hygiene practices and the basic first aid skills of dressing wounds, burns and bites.

Basic Aid Training (BAT)

The American Red Cross Basic Aid Training is a 6-hour course designed for 8- to 10-year-old children. The course helps prepare Cub Scouts for emergencies such as choking, falls and animal bites. To complete this course, Cub Scouts must demonstrate a knowledge of proper responses to fire emergencies, water accidents, poisoning and more.

First Aid for Cub Scouts

While first aid courses for the older scouts include more hands on first aid skills such as CPR and the dressing of more serious wounds, the first aid courses designed for the Cub Scouts focuses primarily on risk identification and prevention. Cub Scouts are trained less on how to treat injuries and more on how to respond to emergencies, how to prevent injuries and who and how to contact for help in these situations.