Crib Wedge Safety

There are many products available for newborns and infants, but determining their necessity can sometimes be difficult. Safety is a major concern in a market flooded with items for your new baby. Creating a pleasant sleep environment is important for your newborn, and you want to provide the most comfortable and safe surroundings possible by considering the choices of crib wedges available.

Sleep Positioner Wedge

There are many types of crib wedges, the most affordable of which is an in-crib baby sleep positioner. These foam and fabric positioners are small and keep the baby in one position while sleeping. Unless medically necessary and being used under the direction of a physician, these positioners are warned against by the American SIDS Institute, due to the addition of anything inside a baby's crib increasing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Over-the-Mattress Wedge

Large crib wedges that fit over the mattress are another alternative. These large foam pieces have a gradual angle but might not be as firm as an ordinary mattress. A firm crib mattress, as well as having nothing in the crib but your baby, is recommended to reduce the risk of SIDS as much as possible.

Under-the-Mattress Wedge

Some crib wedges fit underneath the crib mattress to elevate one end. This leaves the firm crib mattress surface for your baby to sleep on while still providing the incline that you desire. Supervision is still needed to make sure that your baby hasn't flipped around in the crib.

Wedge Safety

Crib wedges should only be used as directed by your baby's pediatrician. A baby is safest when put to sleep flat on her back on a firm mattress in an empty crib. If you use a crib wedge, it is beneficial to have the crib in your bedroom so that you can monitor your baby throughout the night and make sure her head is on the incline and that she hasn't flipped around.

Choosing a Wedge

A variety of crib wedges are available for purchase both online and in baby stores. Check reviews and ask for recommendations from your pediatrician on which brand to consider for purchase.