Creative Ideas for a Sports Banquet for Kids

Whether as team mom for your child's sports team or as someone on the school's parent committee, a coordinator has asked you to help organize a sports banquet. A good sports banquet includes more than just handing out athletic awards. To make your sports banquet special, everything from the decor to the events should reflect the sport, the team's bond and the accomplishments of the season.


Use streamers and balloons in the team colors for the banquet. If the banquet is for more than one team, incorporate all of the sports into the decor of the banquet. The tables can have centerpieces related to the different sports. You can find ready-made centerpieces for common sports like soccer and baseball at most party stores. However, you can also make your own simple centerpieces. For example, you could put a bunch of baseballs in a large vase to represent a baseball team. For a swim team, wrap several goggles around tall vase.


At most sports awards banquets, presenters give out awards for athletic accomplishments, such as the most valuable player and the most improved player. Some programs give out a certificate of participation to each person on the team. In addition to these awards, you can liven up the banquet with more creative awards, such as:

  • an award for the funniest person on the team
  • the loudest teammate,
  • the slowest to get dressed for games

You can also include more inspirational type of words such as best motivator or best helper.


Include a slideshow set to music of the team highlighting the best moments of the season. This should include impressive plays and motivating team moments. Make sure that all the kids on the team are in the spotlight during the slide show. You can also include a blooper reel that features light hearted and funny team moments, such as the kids goofing off at the end of a practice or the coach bumping into something. Avoid including any moments that any of the kids might be really embarrassed or ashamed about, however.

Coach Tributes

Have the kids give a tribute to their coaches in some way. It can be a funny "roast" style tribute, with the kids teasing the coaches, talking about their style of coaching, their common sayings and mannerisms. Work with the kids on the roast to ensure that their jokes are light and fun. Nothing should be hurtful to the coaches in anyway. Afterwards, the kids can get serious and present an appreciation award to the coaches.