Crafts for a Teen Sleepover

Teen sleepovers are a wonderful way to help your daughter bond with friends and celebrate her birthday. Young women enjoy staying up far too late, talking, laughing and making memories. Adding crafts to the mixture gives your teen and guests something special to take home as a remembrance of the party.

Friendship Bracelet

Most girls love jewelry, and many make friendship bracelets as a hobby. By adding some special beads, girls can create an individualized bracelet that will be a remembrance of a special slumber party. Get several different colors of heavy cord or leather thong. Before the party, ask for each girl's favorite color and purchase a small package of beads in the correct color. Ask each girl to put her initial on her beads, then pass out her beads to every other girl at the party. Measure each girl's wrist. Let each girl choose her cord or leather and cut three lengths of her choice that are each four times the measurement of her wrist. Tie the three cords together in a knot. Braid the cords, adding beads as the bracelet grows. Tie the ends of the bracelet together to finish the friendship bracelet. Each girl will have her own specialized jewelry that reminds her of every other girl at the party.

Personal Pillowcases

Inexpensive purchased pillowcases can become a treasured memory with fabric paint and creativity. Try drawing freehand with colored indelible markers or fabric paint pens. Teens can create their own stencils by cutting designs out of freezer paper and ironing the paper to the pillowcase 1. To create a whacky look, take pictures of the party-goers or the birthday girl. Print out black and white transfers of the photo and iron them on to a pillowcase for each girl. With pens, fabric paint and stitched-on beads, girls can decorate the image, giving the subject funny hair, hats, dresses or even a mustache.

Individualized Slippers

Decorate simple mule slippers or flip flops with ribbons, buttons and other embellishments to help your party girls dance until dawn. Purchase a pair of slippers or flip flops for each girl. Choose a wide range of buttons, ribbon, plastic gems, beads and other embellishments. Tie lengths of ribbon or torn strips of fabric to the Y-shaped strap of the flip flops. Glue the items to the rubber strap in between the ribbons. Stitch or glue buttons, gems and beads to the toe portion of the mule slippers.

Sleep Shirt

Take the idea of custom painted T-shirts and put it to bed. Give each girl an oversized shirt to decorate for a custom set of pajamas. Get each girl's size before the party and choose a T-shirt that is at least two sizes larger than normal. Launder the shirt before the party. Place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to prevent ink or paint from soaking through to the back side. Turn the party goers loose with fabric paint and embellishments such as beads and ribbons. Set the shirts aside to dry.