Church Related Arts & Crafts for Children

Many churches use children’s arts and crafts to support a Sunday school or Vacation Bible School lesson. When paired with a Bible story or faith lesson, the arts and crafts help your child retain the lesson longer and give the child something to take home so that parents have an idea about the lesson. You don’t have to teach a Sunday school or VBS class to use these ideas.


Puppets are popular crafts because it allows your child to tell the story after class is over and she can work on the puppets as you tell the story. The easiest format for this is to use craft sticks for the handle and printed generic biblical figures for the bodies, but your child can also make costumes from construction paper, hair from yarn and draw in the facial features if you don’t have the generic figures from a Bible activity book or a Christian kids’ website, such as:

  • Danielle’s Place or To Know
  • Worship
  • Love

Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are inexpensive, require resources you probably have at home and will keep your child busy while you teach the lesson. For example, you can use a paper plate to make a lion face when teaching about Daniel in the lion’s den, Jesus as the Lion of Judah or Sampson killing the lion. Your child can draw the lion’s face on the paper plate or use construction paper or fabric face features you have prepared. Strips of construction paper or yarn create the mane. Your child can decorate paper crosses for bookmarks or create a collage using pictures from a magazine to demonstrate all the people God loves. The possibilities are endless.

Scripture Crafts

Scripture crafts work will with kids who can read and write. Your child can write scriptures on preprinted crosses or write favorite Scriptures on tag board cards and stitch them together to make a Scripture Quilt. He could write or paint a paraphrase of Galatians 6:7 -- “You reap what you sow” -- on a flowerpot and plant seeds in the pot 1. He can make Scripture paper chains by printing one word on each 1- by 2 1/2-inch strip and linking the looped strips together in the correct order with the Bible reference.

Holiday Crafts

Holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and Easter can inspire special arts and crafts. Your child can make paper or fabric Christmas ornaments, such as angels, stars and a manger scene. For Thanksgiving, your child can make cardboard tube pilgrim, horns of plenty or write prayers of thanks from the Bible. On Valentine’s Day, your child can make Christian Valentine’s card to share with her friends or a heart mobile with loving Scriptures written on the hearts. For Easter, your child can decorate hard-boiled eggs with Christian symbols, decorate paper crosses with the words “Christ is risen!” or make an empty tomb using papier mache formed around a balloon.