Chore List for Teenagers

As a family strives to operate in a functional and organized fashion, many hands can lighten the load. If you have teenagers in the family, these able-bodied youngsters can often be a big help in getting the daily work done. Develop a suitable chore list for a teenager to encourage your adolescent’s cooperation.

Encouraging Responsibility

Because your teenager is growing past the stage when she needs your supervision and monitoring for every step of her day, part of parenting a teenager is to help the teen develop a strong sense of responsibility that will ensure that she completes her work. Household chores can be an effective way to teach responsibility, counsels the Duke Talent Identification Program 1. By giving a teen daily requirements, you encourage responsibility and teach her how to accomplish goals and manage her time.

Reasonable Chores

Effective chores for teenagers are chores that will teach life skills he’ll need as an adult, states Fred Provenzano, Ph.D., with the National Mental Health and Education Center 2. Suggestions of reasonable chores for a teenager include laundry, maintaining a clean room, cooking food and cleaning the kitchen, yard work and cleaning the bathroom. Some of these tasks might need daily attention and others might be only weekly work.

Family Meeting

Before assigning chores to a teenager, engage in a discussion with your child. By approaching the situation respectfully and proactively, your teenager is more likely to respond positively to the chores. Outline the chores you would like your teenager to complete, either daily or weekly, and present them to your teenager. Listen to your teenager’s reaction and consider what she says. If necessary, you might engage in negotiation with your child to arrive at a chore agreement that everyone will accept, advises the WebMD website. Negotiating about chores can be a better alternative than arguing and fighting about the chores because your teenager doesn’t accept the assignment.

Utilizing Consequences

Because there may be times when your teenager fails to follow through with chores, communicate consequences for noncompliance to your teenager so he understands your expectations. When your teen needs to clean the kitchen, make sure he knows that this includes sweeping and mopping the floor, too. Attach a consequence to each chore in case your teen doesn’t complete the work. If he fails to clean up the kitchen properly, he may not get the car the next weekend.