How to Get Your Child's Talent Discovered

In a time where there seems to be a new celebrity every hour of every day, you would think that it isn't that difficult to get your child's talent discovered, but it is. The problem in most cases is that there are so many other parents trying to get their child noticed, or the pace at which what is popular changes so fast, you can't keep up. However, with the times come new innovative ways to get out in front of the crowd, which along with the more conventional ways, might raise your child to the top of the list.

Take your child places where she can get noticed based on her talent. For example if she is a dancer, enroll her in something other than the basic classes with a recital. Instead put her in competition dance, where teams compete at various locations and talented choreographers are judging. If she is an artist, submit her work in contests. Or if she sings, take her to karaoke locations so people can see her.

Visit an agent. Talk to a professional talent agent to find out if there is interest in your child right from the start. There are agents that specialize in specific talents, and it is a good idea to find one that focuses on your child's skills.

Use social media to your advantage. Many social sites provide options for individuals to set up fan pages. Create a page for your child with her bio, and upload any videos or pictures of her talent to the page.

Upload demonstrations of you child's talent to a video sharing site. These websites allow users to create an account and place videos on a designated page or account. If your child doesn't have video, but her talent is visual such as artwork, take pictures of the art and create a video of several with music in the background.

Promote the social pages and video sites you are using. This takes a little time, but can be worth it. Go to forums that focus on your child's talent and leave links to the sites you have set up. Repeat the process at each forum or chat room you find, and then come back and do it all again each week.

Call your child's agency at least once a month so that he knows you are still interested and to keep your child's name fresh in his mind.


Be careful of agents that require a lot of money up front in order to get a contract. Most reputable agents don't do that. A nominal fee for paperwork is fine, and might even be an annual occurrence, but the agency should not be asking for hundreds of dollars in order for you to sign a piece of paper. The only expensive cost with an agency should the head shots that are typically required. In this case, you can expect a bill for $300 to $400, unless they allow you to go somewhere else to get them done.