How to Get a Child Into Modeling in Orlando

Are you the parent of a dramatic child that lives in the Orlando, Florida area, and loves to be the center of attention -- one that you often catch, even at the age of 4, looking at herself in the mirror and making different faces? Well, just in case you didn't know already, you have a model on your hands. If you are uncertain of this fact, just whip out a camera and see what she does. You'd better get her into modeling quick, and you are in a good location to do it.

Search for open castings for children to do fashion shows at malls and department stores, especially during special occasions such as the Christmas season or back to school time. Contact places such as The Mall at Millenia (, Orlando Fashion Square ( or The Florida Mall ( to find out about upcoming fashion shows and if they are searching for kids to use in the events. Sign her up to let her get some exposure, experience and earn a little confidence.

Enroll your daughter in lessons for acting and modeling. This will provide her with some extra fun and let her channel her dramatic tendencies. The lessons will teach her how to walk and pose as well as how to use her face to express her feelings. One such school is the Maile Professional Image, Modeling & Acting School (, where little ones ages 4 and 5 through adults can learn the trade.

Get her signed with an agent in order to book modeling jobs for your preschooler. You might get lucky and be able to sign her with the company that is providing her lessons, but not all acting and modeling schools offer agency services. If this is the case, do some research to find reputable agencies by first contacting the state licensing department to get a list of agents in the Orlando area. This will ensure that you only contact companies that are operating legally within the state of Florida. A couple of licensed agencies that provide services are Slate Model & Talent ( and BMG Models (

Research the agencies you consider to make sure they are legitimate. If an agent requires a lot of money up front for things other than portfolio pictures, then they aren't completely on the up and up. True agencies earn their money when they book talent, not from requiring the models to take unnecessary classes, seminars or pay enrollment fees. Ask how long they've been in business and to see their up-to-date Florida talent agent license. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints about the company that might warn you that they aren't legitimate, such as not fulfilling their end of a contract.

Visit each agency to narrow down your list. Inquire about the age group it caters to, and find out what recent bookings the agency has done that involve preschoolers.

Call the agencies you like to request an audition, find out when their next open auditions are or find out where to mail photos of your child. Don't pull your hair out waiting for your little one's chance to shine. If it doesn't work out with one agency, review your list and try again.

Take some good snapshots of your child to take to the agency auditions or mail in. These do not have to be professional, since she hasn't done any work as of yet. Once she is signed, the agency will request professional photos, either done in-house or elsewhere.