Can You Pull Your Kid Out of Kindergarten?

When you sent your little one off to school, you probably had definite ideas about what kindergarten should be like. Perhaps you envisioned joyful children gathering around a beloved teacher and enjoying story time, or maybe you envisioned neat rows of seats and academic drills. When your image of the perfect environment doesn't match reality, you likely wonder what you can do about it. Whether or not you can pull your child out of kindergarten depends on your child's age and your state's regulations.

Compulsory Education Ages

All states in the United States have compulsory education laws that specify at what age children must attend school. The beginning age ranges from a mere 5 years old to 8 years old, depending on the state in which you live. While most states allow children to begin school earlier than this date, all children must attend school or be home-schooled by this age. If your child is younger than the compulsory education age, you can remove her from kindergarten without registering her for another school or arranging to home-school. That school may, however, place your child in kindergarten the following year if she returns to school. Some place older children directly in first grade, while others determine placement according to the child's academic skills.

Transferring to Another School

You have the right to remove your child from kindergarten and transfer him to another school, but there are regulations to follow. Unless you intend to enroll your little one in a private school or are moving to another district, you will need permission from the administration in your current school district to transfer him to another school within the district or in another school district. Be prepared to give reasons that support your rights as a parent to have your little one attend a different school.

Home Schooling

Rules for home-schoolers vary among states 2. While some states allow you to home-school as long as you have a high school diploma, others require a college degree. Most require you to fill out forms to declare your intent to home-school and require periodic assessments of academic progress. Call your state department of education to determine what you need to do if you want to home-school your kindergartener.

Safety Issues

If your reason for wishing to remove your child from kindergarten hinges on the health and safety of your child, including emotional health, contact school officials and let them know of your concerns. Keeping your youngster home until your concerns are addressed typically does not pose a problem. If necessary, contact your state department of education for guidance in correcting health and safety issues. If you believe your child or other children are at risk, call your local police department.

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