How to Build a LEGO Pokemon

With LEGOs, the popular building block for children, builders have the ability to build all sorts of objects, including the pocket monsters (or Pokemon) from the popular "Pokemon" series of products released by Nintendo. With LEGO Digital Designer, LEGO fans build Pokemon in a three dimensional-based program designed for LEGO 1. Once the design is finished, users have the option to buy the necessary pieces to build the Pokemon for real.

Open the LEGO Factory website, 2.

Click the "Download Now" button to download the LEGO Digital Designer installation file 1.

Double-click the LEGO Digital Designer installation file 1. Follow the instructions to install the program. Once it is installed, open it through the "Start" menu.

Click on LEGO blocks located on the left side of LEGO Digital Designer's screen 1. Drag the blocks to the center. Build the Pokemon of your choice.

Click "Upload" to send the design to LEGO 12. Click "Check Price" and purchase the design. Input your credit card information and address. The design will come to your house and have directions on how to put it together.