How to Bottle-Feed Newborn Twins at the Same Time

Twins can be quite demanding, often needing attention and help at the same time. When your twins are newborns, you may wish to get them onto a simultaneous feeding schedule to simplify the rest of your daily routine, advises the American Academy of Pediatrics 1. Although challenging, with a little practice, you’ll soon learn how to bottle-feed your newborn twins together.

Sit in a comfortable spot, either the couch or a cushioned chair. You may need to position pillows beneath your arms for extra support as you feed the babies.

Place the twin feeding positioning pillow on your lap so it presses snugly against your midsection. These specialty pillows are available either online or in big-box baby supply stores.

Position both babies on the feeding pillow so their bodies are perpendicular to your body, their feet are against your body and their heads are opposite. The pillow should support their entire bodies comfortably and securely.

Hold a bottle in each hand to feed the babies at the same time. Your right-hand bottle should feed the baby on the right and the left-hand bottle should feed the baby on the left.

Watch the feeding process carefully to ensure that the bottles stay tilted at the proper angle to avoid the babies sucking in air. Continue to feed the babies until the babies finish their bottles.

Burp the babies after they finish. You might place one baby on your shoulder and turn the other one over on the positioning pillow, patting both backs gently, advises the Waukesha Mothers of Twins Club. Another option is to burp them separately.


If you have trouble positioning the babies comfortably and securely on the feeding pillow, another option is to place one or both babies in reclining bouncer seats, advises the Multiple Births Foundation. You might hold one baby with the other one in a seat or you could place them both in seats. Hold a bottle in each hand to feed the babies at the same time.