Books on Single Mothers Raising Teenage Boys

Parenting is a difficult and rewarding journey, but traveling the road alone is especially challenging. Being a single mother raising a teenage son is harder still. Every parent needs a little advice occasionally, and many parenting resources are geared toward single mothers raising teenage boys.

Moms Raising Men

Peggy Drexler and Linden Gross help guide mothers through the trials and tribulations in their book, “Raising Boys Without Men: How Maverick Moms Are Creating the Next Generation of Exceptional Men.” Gina Panettieri and Philip Hall detail the many roles a mom must take on when she is raising her sons alone in the book, “The Single Mother’s Guide to Raising Remarkable Boys.” Bill Beausay demystifies the teenage boy in his book, “Teenage Boys: Surviving and Enjoying These Extraordinary Years.” James L. Dickerson and Mardi Allen have collected what they feel is the must-have information for single moms in their book, “Sons Without Fathers: What Every Mother Needs to Know.” 167

Black Single Moms

Raising black teens without a father in a turbulent society is a subject that has found its own niche in self-help parenting books. “Mother to Son: Words of Wisdom, Inspiration, and Hope for Today’s Young African-American Men” by Kimberly Crouch provides poignant advice to mothers navigating the parenting waters alone 3. “Raising Him Alone: Things Black Women Can Do to Raise Boys to be Men” by David Miller and Matthew P. Stevens explores challenges faced by single mothers in the black community. "Can Black Mothers Raise Our Sons," by Lawson Bush, investigates the reality that more than 50 percent of black children are being raised by single mothers and the challenges this trend presents.


Mothers looking to raise their sons with strong religious values might appreciate books with a Christian tone. Dana Chisholm writes from personal experience about raising boys using Christ as a role model in her book, “Single Moms Raising Sons: Preparing Boys to Be Men When There’s No Man Around.” “Raising Great Kids on Your Own: A Guide and Companion for Every Single Parent” by David and Lisa Frisbie provides a resource for raising children with a strong faith in God 12.

Words of Wisdom for Mother

No matter what is going on in the parenting journey, sometimes a mother needs some comfort of her own. Several books offer a sentimental look at the mother-son relationship to remind you just how special it is. “I Promise: A Mother’s Poem to Her Son,” by Bridget Batson, takes mother and son on a journey through all the stages of a young boy's life as mom promises to do her best 4. Cassandra Mack offers strength and life lessons for moms trying to do it all in her book, “The Single Moms Little Book of Wisdom: 42 Tidbits of Wisdom To Help You Survive, Succeed and Stay Strong.” Gregory Lang captures the most important facets of a mother-son relationship in his book, “Why a Son Needs a Mom: 100 Reasons.” 59