Birthday Games for a 9 Year Old

Most 9-year-olds have outgrown early childhood party games such as Duck-Duck-Goose and Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but they still need fun games and activities to stay entertained at a birthday party. Finding party games for this age group can be a challenge, but there are many activities a 9-year-old can enjoy.

Mystery Game

In the Mystery Game, children play detective by following clues to solve a make-believe mystery 2. The format of this game can vary. You can create a murder mystery---or another type of mystery if you feel murder is too brutal for this age group. Children are given a fact about the crime when they arrive at the party. Working individually or as teams, children follow the facts as one clue leads to another. In one version, parents hid clues inside balloons around the house. The winner is the child or group of children that solve the mystery the fastest.

20 Questions

Twenty Questions can easily be modified to create a fun party game for 9-year-olds. Gather a list of names of people, places or things and write each name on its own index card. Place the cards face down. The first player draws a card. Each child tries to guess the name on the card by asking one yes or no question when it is his turn. He can try to guess the name on his turn; however, if he is incorrect, he is out of the game. The group is allowed 20 questions to reach an answer. The first child to correctly identify the name wins the round. If no one guesses the name within 20 questions, the cardholder wins the round.

Crab Soccer

Entertain active 9-year-olds with a game of Crab Soccer. This game works well if you have a large backyard or play area for your party. Divide children into teams. To play, the children put their hands and feet flat then push up off the ground, facing upward. They then move around, trying to kick the ball into the other team's goal. The team that has scored the most goals at the end of playing time wins.

Balloon Burst

Balloon Burst is a great outdoors game, but can be played indoors with enough space. Tie a balloon to the ankle of each player and let kids try to pop their opponents' balloons while keeping their own balloon safe. The last child with an intact balloon wins.