Behavioral Modification Summer Camps for Teens in Texas

Many camps and wilderness experiences are available for teens in Texas, and several of those camps specialize in correcting unwanted behavior and attitudes in teens. Each has variations in their philosophy and intensity, but the goal is to modify negative behaviors through summer camp programs.

Resolution Ranch

Resolution Ranch ( is a therapeutic residential facility for 13- to 17-year-olds. It offers a variety of camp programs aimed to bring positive change to the lives of teenagers. Set on a 500-acre ranch between Dallas, Houston and Austin, the ranch provides therapeutic treatment on all levels of need, according to the ranch's website. Its philosophy is an alternative to a traditional boot camp; it uses a family oriented approach in a nurturing environment. Counselors mentor and challenge the teens to adopt appropriate behavior. Peer-group therapy sessions are also employed to reinforce positive change.


The Texas Network of Youth Services ( offers a program called PEAKS Camp 1. An acronym for Physical and Environmental Activities for Knowledge and Skills, PEAKS is designed for at-risk youth to learn through structured experience and positive interaction. Trained workers lead the youth and their adult sponsors on four-day camp programs aimed to enhance self-awareness, discover strengths and increase self-esteem. The program seeks to develop problem-solving and relationship skills, and leadership ability. PEAKS is in Austin.

Pegasus Schools

Pegasus Schools Inc. ( is a residential treatment center in Lockhart for neglected and abused boys 2. The overall treatment program is in a camp setting that provides residents guidance and education for a variety of problems associated with neglect and abuse, including behavioral issues. Part of the ongoing treatment program is an experiential and outdoor camping program in the summer. The program includes fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, canoeing, camping, hiking and backpacking.include:

  • The program includes fishing
  • kayaking
  • rock climbing
  • canoeing
  • camping
  • hiking
  • backpacking

While camping, the boys learn many valuable wilderness skills.

Get Motivated Boot Camp

Get Motivated Boot Camp ( in Aubrey provides two week camp programs through the summer for 12- to 17-year-olds 3. The emphasis in this program is the belief that structure is the foundation for success with teens and their parents. The camp aims to bring together troubled teens and families to promote healing and understanding through a structured, "boot camp" style environment. Group interaction is also a part of the camp.