How to Become a Nerd

How to Become a Nerd

Have you ever wanted to become a nerd? If so, follow a couple steps and you'll be on your way to becoming a full time nerd!

In order to become a nerd, you must first know the definition. A nerd is someone who is highly intelligent singled-minded individual who is an expert in a particular area. A geek on the other hand is someone who is highly obsessed with certain things; this does not have to be intellectual things.

Second, learn! Read everything that you can get your hands on. Watch the history channel, science channel, etc. Watch the news and read the newspaper. Whenever you stumble on a word, look it up! Try excelling in quantum physics and math. Use highly sophisticated words and terms.

Third, read a lot of books. Read especially sci-fiction and fantasy, as these are the most nerdy genres. Read more non-fiction books. Sign up for articles to read relating to technology. You should also always ask questions and try to go beyond than merely just knowing. Try memorizing a couple difficult and unfamiliar words, and get in the habit of using it in sentences.

Increase your vocabulary! Learn how to substitute simple words with something more sophisticated. However, do not go overboard. People might think that you are trying to show off.

Then, find friends who are also nerds! It might help one to fit in with others and to share similar interests. At the same time, find friends who aren't nerdy at all. They might help you with something while you share something with them. The point is, try to get to know both sides well. That way, you'll be more well-rounded with everyone.

Dress differently and uniquely. You don't have to go overboard by wearing geeky glasses and suspenders, but try to wear something that tells others that you are a nerd. You can even wear some type of crazy shirt with mathematical formulas embedded on it. If you have glasses, wear it all the time. If you have a digital watch, wear that too.

The alternative to dressing is to not care about your appearance. This can make you look nerdy, as some nerds do not care about appearance.

Ponder about everything and be aware of your surroundings. Question the world around you. In addition, never hang out where there are a lot of people. Generally, nerds tend to be anti-social.