Back-to-School Breakfast with DIY Chalkboard Glasses

It’s hard to believe it’s already back-to-school season. Although moms and dads are eager to get back to a regular routine, we know that the kids will miss those carefree summer days. Make the first day of school a celebration with a special back-to-school breakfast featuring personalized chalkboard glasses.

5 Tips for the Perfect Back-to-School Breakfast

  • Create chalkboard mason jar mugs (see DIY). These easy-to-make chalkboard glasses are perfect for encouraging your kids to practice their ABCs and 123s. * Keep it healthy. We know that proper nutrition is key for helping children focus in school. The first day of school is an important one. Opt for fresh fruit, protein (think scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, or yogurt) and of course a little treat of mini cinnamon buns won’t hurt. * Have primary colors as your theme. Serve up breakfast on primary colors, such as a blue plate, red tablecloth and a little dab of yellow with a cute notebook for your kids to take to school. Fun picture frames, such as a school bus frame, can share pictures of your child and friends. * Decorate with mini chalkboard frames. Find them at your craft store and use them year-round. * Give a little gift. Pick up simple notepads or notebooks at dollar stores for cute favors to place at each child’s seat.

I love these chalkboard mason jar mugs because you can write each child’s name on a mug. They can erase and write or draw on them while eating their special back-to-school breakfast.

Things You’ll Need

Any glass or cup with a flat surface
Chalkboard paper and glue or chalkboard stickers
Thin ribbon

Adhere your chalkboard paper (with tape or a dab of hot glue) or chalkboard stickers to the mason jar mugs. You can remove the stickers to reuse on other projects. If you adhered the chalkboard paper, simply pop off the hot glue and wash! Use thin ribbon to tie the chalk to the handle of the mug. Fill with orange juice, and voilá.

Extend the idea to chalkboard cookie jars, chalkboard place mats or chalkboard cereal containers. The chalkboard element is not only trendy but perfect for that back-to-school touch.