Free Baby Products for Expectant Moms

Getting ready for a baby often entails purchasing or borrowing a lot of items. Babies require food, diapers, clothing, a safety seat, a crib or bassinet and possibly other gear like a stroller or swing. There are ways to get items for free that cannot be borrowed and would otherwise require a large one-time expense or a recurring purchase.

Free Samples

Free samples for expectant and new moms are numerous. Moms and moms-to-be can receive free cans of formula, disposable diapers and breast pads, tubes of diaper rash and nipple cream and bottles. Expectant moms can get these samples multiple ways, including signing up with diaper and formula companies directly, completing a welcome kit at their obstetrician's office or making a purchase at a maternity store.

Free Supplies

Hospitals usually make things easier on new moms by providing everything the baby needs for its first few days, including diapers, infant formula, receiving blankets, pacifiers, baby wipes, a thermometer, shirts and caps. Moms will be able to take home the personal items her baby uses and may be able to take any of the remaining formula, diapers and wipes that the baby did not use. If you are a needy family, the hospital may be willing to part with more disposable supplies.

Free Gifts

Keep your eyes peeled for promotions that give you free baby gear and other items that are not as easy to be had as samples. For example, Lovelace Community Health Plan gives their expectant moms a free car seat for the new baby, provided they keep a certain number of their prenatal appointments.

Free Rewards

Some baby product companies will give you reward points for every purchase that you make. You can then redeem these rewards for free products 1. This is most commonly seen with disposable diaper companies. This is a slow solution that requires you to spend money, but is a good way to get multiple free products if you are going to be spending the money anyway.