Gripe Water

Gripe water alternatives


William Woodward, an American working in England in 1851, discovered gripe water accidentally by noting that babies suffering from fen fever (fever and ague) were soothed and comforted by medicine being given to malaria patients during an outbreak in eastern England. Woodward's Gripe Water contained 3.6% alcohol, sodium bicarbonate, dill oil, sugar and water as its original formula. The first gripe water alternative goes back to the Greeks, where dill and fennel seeds were soaked in boiling water, strained and served as a tea for soothing the stomach.


Gripe water alternatives soothe a baby's tummy with natural ingredients, relieving gas pressure and pain. Baby may be able to burp properly without spitting up now that the gas is moving and being dispersed. The herbal ingredients work fast to quell bubbles and bloating to help the baby relax. Hiccups will cease and teething pain will lessen.


After receiving a gripe water alternative dose the baby's tummy, instead of feeling hard, will become soft and relaxed. The infant will stop crying and begin to feel drowsy as the gripe water alternative works instantaneously, soothing and calming the tummy. The baby will stop being fussy and begin to relax now the pain has been eased. Colicky babies will calm down and be peaceful. Mom will know the gripe water alternative is working when her baby stops crying and starts to fall asleep.


Baby's Bliss gripe water alternative comes in 113gr containers along with handy travel packs. Baby's Bliss gripe water alternative is made from ginger and fennel and is categorised under FDA guidelines as an herbal dietary supplement. ColicEase (see Resources) is formulated according to the FDA guidelines and contains only pure ingredients to relieve your baby's tummy upsets. 100% Certified Organic alternative gripe water is available at egeneralmedical (see Resources) for around $10 plus shipping. Wellements Organic gripe water alternative contains no metylparaben or polyparaben and is gluten and GMO free. ColicCalm (see Resources) is a homeopathic remedy to calm and soothe a colicky baby. Babies love the taste.


Gripe water alternative contains no alcohol or baking soda which modern mothers prefer. When baby sleeps, mom can, too. Try this handy homemade gripe water alternative recipe: Boil in 2 cups of water, 1 tbsp each of chamomile flowers and fennel seed. Allow the mixture to cool. Strain the seeds and chamomile flowers and discard them. Give 1/2 tsp to your colicky infant to relieve his upset tummy.


Always check with your paediatrician before administering herbal remedies to your infant.

How to Use Gripe Water for Infants

Contact your child's paediatrician. The paediatrician may wish to rule out other physiological reasons for a baby that exhibits symptoms of colic.

Read the instructions on the label. Each brand of gripe water may have a different dosage recommendation. Carefully measure out the dosage with a measured dispenser.

Position the measured dispenser at the corner of the infant's mouth. Young infants will open their mouths when they feel anything against their lips. Slowly dispense the gripe water. Alternatively, pour the gripe water into a bottle and have your baby drink it.

Mix gripe water into infant formula if your baby will not accept it from the bottle or dispenser. Most parents find that their infant cannot discern any difference with their medicated formula and will drink it.

Watch for signs of relief. Gas and indigestion should be relieved within 20 minutes, according to Baby Slumber. Administer gripe water to your infant consistently for best results. You can continue using gripe water for as long as necessary.


Use a spoon or a medicine dropper if you have a difficult time administering gripe water.


Purchase gripe water that does not contain sugar or alcohol. Alcoholic beverages should never be given to infants or children. Always speak with your child's paediatrician before administering any prescription or over-the-counter medicines.

What Is Gripe Water for Babies?

Homeopathic Advantage

The distinct advantage to using gripe water is that you do not have to worry about any type of overdose, as it is all natural herbs. This is a bonus, especially as many parents worry about overdosing babies with gas relief drops or other forms of gastrointestinal treatment.

How it Works

When babies consume milk, they often develop gas bubbles. These can be minimised by using bottles with vents; however, sometimes even that doesn't help. The many gas bubbles are too difficult for most babies to burp out. Gripe water aids those many smaller bubbles to form as one, making it much easier for the baby to find relief.

Consuming the Gripe Water

If your baby will take the gripe water alone, that is great and continue with that method. Nevertheless, sometimes babies aren't so cooperative. Gripe water can be used in conjunction with formula to aid in getting the necessary comfort.

Buy with Caution

You can purchase gripe water at many chemists and baby stores, as well as online. It is important to monitor what ingredients compose the gripe water you buy, as there may be various elements within it that are not controlled by the Food and Drug Administration. Ingredients to avoid include alcohol, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and sugar. As with all baby products, be sure to avoid dairy, gluten or soy.

Consult Doctor

Gripe water is considered an all natural element that "remedies" gastrointestinal discomforts; however, it is still important to consult your doctor to discuss your child's discomfort before trying gripe water.