Beanie Babies

How to Value Ty Beanie Babies

Purchase a book on retired Beanie Babies and the Beanie Babies Collector book. Visit the Ty website and view the most up-to-date listing of retired Beanie Babies.

Look up each Beanie Baby and locate the information concerning pricing. Read through the information to see if a flaw in the Beanie Baby or a missing tag will increase or decrease the value of the item.

E-mail or write Ty to ask about a value if a Beanie Baby cannot be found on its website or in a collector's book.

Examine each Beanie Baby and look for any defects such as rips, holes, stains and missing parts. Examine the tag for any tears or stains.

Value a Beanie Baby with no rips, holes, stains, missing parts and a perfect tag as "mint" condition.

Value Beanie Babies with slightly bent or stained tags and a body in perfect condition as "near-mint" condition. Calculate a price of 80 to 90 per cent of the "mint" price for sale value.

Value a Beanie Baby with a crease tag and perfect body condition at 65 to 85 per cent of a "mint" condition item.

Value a Beanie Baby with a missing tag at 45 to 60 per cent of a "mint" condition item. Value a Beanie Baby with rips, holes, stains or missing parts at 5 to 40 per cent of a "mint" condition item.


The most up-to-date information on pricing and Beanie Baby retirement is found on the Ty website.

How to Sell Your Beanie Baby Collection

Check a current Beanie Baby price guide.

Determine the value of each of your Beanie Babies.

Combine their total values to price the entire collection. You may sell all to one buyer or sell them individually.

Find a collectibles or antiques dealer.

Tell the dealer what you want for each item or for the entire collection.

Offer to give the dealer a cut of the profits for doing the selling for you.

Arrange payment and delivery methods either through the dealer or with the buyer.

Put an ad in a newspaper.

Include a description of the items for sale, the asking price, and contact information. The more descriptive the ad, the better chance you have of selling.

Include a photo of the Beanie Babies (and their original packaging if you have it).

Negotiate with potential buyers to determine a fair price and method of payment.