Alternatives for Unruly Teenagers in Indiana

Troubled youth face a variety of challenges, such as substance abuse, behavioral issues and trouble in school. Organizations throughout Indiana cater to the individual needs of teens and provide help to families and schools. Find programs and services that cater to your teen's specific needs to guide him down a path of success for a bright future.

Residential Programs

Residential programs are offered throughout the state of Indiana to help troubled youth. The Allen County Youth Services Center serves children ages 6 to 18 from Fort Wayne 4. While residing at the facility, your teen will attend school and live in a group environment with caring adults. New Creations is a Christian-based boarding school located in Richmond 1. The school works with teens who are having trouble academically, have displayed rebellious behavior or have minor substance abuse issues.

Substance Abuse

Treatment is available for teens who struggle with substance abuse. Fairbanks Addiction Treatment Center, located in Indianapolis, has adolescent recovery programs to address your teenager’s specific addiction 23. The facility offers programs such as detox and rehab, outpatient services, tobacco cessation and educational programs. Another facility in Indianapolis, EmberWood Center, has substance treatment services that cater to adolescents 3. Some of the services provided include outpatient substance abuse treatment for teenagers up to 17 years old, family support groups and a relapse prevention program.

Runaway Teens

Crisis shelters are open to runaway teens throughout Indiana. Open Door Youth Services based in Floyd County provides a shelter for teens who need a safe place to life 4. The home does not limit the amount of time a child can stay and some youth have stayed for years. Children receive counseling and an education while residing at the shelter. The Binkley House Youth Shelter is located in Bloomington and is run by the Youth Services Bureau. The short-term residential facility houses youth ages 8 to 17. The shelter provides a safe place for runaways, homeless youth or children faced with abuse at home. The shelter is open 24 hours a day to assist youth in crisis.


YMCA locations throughout Indiana provide services to at-risk teens. YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne has a youth service bureau that offers a variety of programs to families and schools seeking help for troubled youth 5. The programs provide help such as parenting skills education, organizing community service projects and working with schools to deter delinquent behavior while keeping kids on track to graduation. The community outreach programs from the YMCA of Southwestern Indiana provide teens with services such as leadership development and academic help 6. Programs offered that help teens cultivate self-esteem help reduce delinquent behaviors and encourage positive family relationships.

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