Activities to Do With Parents in the Classroom on Parent Visitation Day

Parent Visitation Day is a time to show parents what students do throughout the day 1. Plan all activities ahead of time to make sure you have enough materials available for hands-on activities. Coordinate with the teachers in the building to create a day all parents will remember.

Student Shadow

Provide the opportunity for each parent to be a Student Shadow. Get permission from the teachers and principal for students to take their parents to all classes, study hall and lunch. Ask the teachers to prepare extra things like worksheets and/or craft material so all parents may participate in each class.

Parent Show and Tell

Parent Show and Tell provides students with a glimpse at the careers of each parent. Prepare an area with three chairs at the front of the room. Arrange the school desks so the audience has a clear view. Create a set of questions to ask each parent. Sample questions include: Please tell the class what you do for a living and what the position entails. Is a college education required to do your job? What made you decide to go into this career?

After the general questions, open the conversation up to the students. Provide the teacher with a set of ground rules to give to students. Suggest to the upper elementary and junior high teachers to have their students prepare a general list of questions they could ask any parent to get more information on their career.

Oobleck Experiment

Ask your child's teacher if you could experiment with the other parents and students within the classroom, using Oobleck -- a lumpy liquid and a squishy solid. Gather parents and students around a central table. Pour one cup of water in a container. Add one cup of cornstarch and mix thoroughly. While you are mixing the ingredients, ask the class what they think will happen when you slap your hand onto the surface of the Oobleck. Allow parents and students to answer the question 1. Then, slap your hand on the surface -- the surface will give but it will not splash. Let everyone feel the Oobleck. Provide ingredients so each parent/child team can make their own to take home.

Picture Perfect

Scope out a location within your child's school to take a picture of student with their parents. Create a backdrop or find props that are educationally oriented such as George Washington cutting down a cherry tree. Draw a picture of a cherry tree on a large sheet of paper. Locate a white wig. Ask the parent and student to stand in front of the drawing with one of the two wearing the white George Washington wig.