Activities to Keep Little Girls Entertained for a Short Time

Little minds and hands need to stay busy. If you’ve ever had the unpleasant experience of waiting in a line at the post office or in a doctor’s waiting room with a little one who has nothing to keep her occupied, you know how quickly the situation can go downhill and escalate into a scene. Engaging your little girl in an activity will help prevent boredom -- as well the sometimes inevitable meltdown that follows.

Creative Activities

You don't need to bust out the glitter in the dentist's waiting room, but keeping a few creative tools on hand is way to entertain your little girl at a moment's notice. A simple package of non-toxic crayons and a miniature princess coloring book are great ways to keep a little girl busy. If your kiddo is more likely to eat the crayon or use it to decorate the wall, a small container of non-toxic molding clay and a small plastic cookie cutter or hammer will do the trick as well.


Dolls, dolls – and more dolls! Keep a number of miniature doll sets -- complete with wardrobes and accessories – in your bag. Doll sets are great for girls past the age when small parts are still a choking hazard. For girls younger than age 3, bring along a soft, cloth baby doll or a miniature Barbie-style doll with at least one outfit change. Little girls can often entertain themselves for quite a while, simply by dressing and undressing a doll.

Brain Games

Brain games will not only engage your little girl and keep her thinking, but they also don’t require any materials or parts. For toddlers, play simple cognitive word games like trying to see if your little girl can point out all the blue items in the room, or all the items that have a circular shape. Older girls will enjoy thinking of words that start with each letter of the alphabet. Alternate turns, so your little girl doesn't feel like you’re drilling her.

Sticky Stickers

A package of stickers will go a long way when it comes to entertaining little girls. Simply peeling and transferring the stickers from the original sheet to a small notebook will keep toddler-aged girls occupied for some time. Older girls are more likely to care about the specific stickers, so stock up on a few sheets of sparkled stickers, or whatever type your little girl likes, the next time you're near the craft store. Carry them with you -- and only take them out when you need a quick source of entertainment.