5-Year-Old Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

For teens and adults, Valentine's Day is often complicated and runs the gamut of emotions. For 5-year-olds, it's simple; they are just happy with candy hearts and paper Valentine's. Occupy your energetic little one on this special day with simple Valentine-themed arts and crafts to share with loved ones.

Candy Heart Picture Frames

Keep your kid from eating the whole bag of candy hearts by using them for a craft project. You'll need a plain picture frame with at least a 2-inch border all around. Add craft glue to the candy hearts and glue them to the picture frame. Put a photo of your child in the frame. She can keep it or give it away to a family member or friend. Of course, remind her that the glued-on candy hearts are not for eating!

Textured Valentine's Card

For this project, fold a piece of red construction paper in half like a card, then open it back up. Help your 5-year old draw and cut out a heart on the left half of the construction paper. Fold it over again. Glue textured items such as cotton balls, crumpled tissue paper or colored sand into the space where the heart was cut out, so that a heart shape is created on the right side of the card. Allow your child to get as creative as he likes decorating the rest of the card.

Valentine's Heart Wreath

Invite your kid's friends over to create a friendship Valentine's wreath 2. Have each child cut out three or four hearts from pink and red construction paper. Help the kids write their names on one heart and then write friendship values on the other hearts -- words like "sharing," "nice" or "funny." Use glitter glue to write on the hearts. Cut out the center of a large paper plate and have the kids glue the hearts around the rim to create the wreath.

Lollipop flowers

Pick up brightly colored card stock and small lollipops for this project. Draw heart-shaped flower petals and flower centers on the card stock and help your 5-year-old cut out them out. Fold the flower petals in half to create a crease. On green card stock, cut out two leaves for each flower. Place the flower centers in the center of the flower petals and poke a small hole through both. Stick a lollipop through the hole, so it is now the center of the flower. Tape the two leaves on the underside of the flowers to secure it. Have your child hand out the lollipop flowers to her closest friends.