Sports That Made Their Debut in the 2000 Summer Olympics

The Sydney Olympics were brought to you by the letter "T." Or so it would seem based on the sports that debuted at that Olympiad: triathlon, trampoline and taekwondo 26. Although these sports were developed earlier, they all made their first Olympic appearance in 2000.


Triathlon is known as a multisport because it combines three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. Tthe sport was invented by the San Diego Track Club in the 1970s as an alternative workout. When it debuted at the Olympics in 2000 Canadian Simon Whitfield claimed the gold medal for the men's division and Brigitte McMahon of Switzerland was the top female.


Trampoline is a gymnastics sport in which competitors perform aerial maneuvers while jumping on a trampoline. The Sydney Olympics included separate competition for men and women. While the sport only appeared at the Olympics in 2000, its history goes back to 1934 when the first trampoline was built at the University of Iowa 6.


Taekwondo, a form of martial arts, originated in Korea, but it's performed in 188 countries as of 2013 according to 14. The sport has the longest history of any of the sports debuted at the Sydney Olympics, originating around the year 50 BCE 6. Tawkwondo actually first made its Olympic appearance at the 1988 games in Seoul, South Korea, but it was only a demonstration sport. It wasn't until 2000 that it was officially admitted as a medal sport.

Adding New Sports

The sports included at the Olympics change regularly 6. The International Olympic Committee has adopted a system that will take effect by the 2020 Games that will see 28 sports included in the Olympics. All sports will be subject to review after each Olympiad and the International Olympic Committee can add or remove a sport with a simple majority vote of its members.