Navy Reserve Physical Fitness Requirements

Navy Reserve enlistees have to attend Recruit Training, also known as Boot Camp. At the end comes the Physical Readiness Test, which is the same test given to Navy recruits 2. As of 2014, the test covers curlups, pushups and a 1.5 mile run, and anyone who doesn't pass doesn't make the cut.

Breaking Down the Scores

Each test is worth 45 to 100 points. A new recruit must average at least 60 to pass. For example, a candidate can score 70 on the pushup test, 80 on the curlup test and 60 on the 1.5 mile run, and pass with a 70 average. The scores are determined by performance, gender and age.


Regardless of gender, candidates have two minutes to do as many correct curlups, or situps, as possible. If they're 17 to 19 years old, they get 100 points for 109 curlups, and have to do at least 50. People between the ages of 20 and 24 get 100 points for 105 curlups and have to do at least 46. People 25 to 29 years old get 100 points for 101 curlups and must do at least 43.


Two minute tests also apply to pushups. Resting is permitted, but only in the up position. Men ages 17 to 19 get 100 points for 92 pushups and must do 51. Women get 100 points for 51 pushups and must do 19. Men between 20 and 24 must do 37 pushups and get 100 points for 87. Women in that age group must do 21 pushups and get 100 points for 48. Men ages 25 to 29 must do 34 and get 100 points for 84, while their female peers must do 13 and get 100 points for 46.

1.5 Mile Run

Any combination of running and walking is permitted. Men ages 17 to 19 must finish in 12:30, with 100 points going to those who do it in 8:15. For women the same age, 9:29 earns the most points and they must finish in 15 minutes. In the 20 to 24 group, men need to finish in 13:30 and women in 14:15. The top scores go to men who do it in 8:30 and women in 9:47. Men 25 to 29 need to finish between 14 minutes, and women in 16:08. The top scores go to men doing 8:55 or less or women doing 10:17 or less.

Try, Try Again

Recruits take the Physical Readiness Test three times during boot camp 2. If the recruit fails the third time, they are ASMO'd, which stands for Assignment Memorandum Order. This means the recruit is sent through training again. They may not be able to graduate with their incoming class, but they can continue to train and retake the PRT.