What Does it Mean to Cherish Your Spouse?

Many husbands and wives repeat, "to love and cherish...as long as we both shall live," each year during their wedding vows, but what does it really mean to cherish each other? Dictionary.com defines the word "cherish" as to hold or treat as dear, to feel love for and to care for someone tenderly 1. So, what does it look like to cherish your spouse?

Value Your Spouse

The way you cherish your husband or wife is unique to your relationship. Show your spouse that you value them. Remembering what it is that you cherish, even in the most difficult of moments, may help you stay focused on the positive elements of your marriage. Construct a list of what you love about your spouse and why you cherish him or her, suggests Dr. Greg Smalley, in his article on FocusontheFamily.com 1.

Protect Your Marriage

Honoring your vows and relationship shows that you view your spouse as a priceless treasure, says Smalley. Safeguard the intimate and emotional bonds of your marriage. Seek comfort from each other, openly communicate your feelings, give each other the benefit of the doubt and remember all you mean to each other. Protect your relationship from negative outside influences and put your marriage above your job, friendships and leisure activities.