What Do Lavender Roses Mean?

If you are a rose lover you may be familiar with the meanings of some of the more common colors such as red, white and yellow. The lavender rose is more exotic and less common but is very popular today 1. It is has many and varied meanings, which makes it appropriate for several romantic occasions and celebrations.


Lavender roses have been favored for many years. There are several varieties grown from the Old Garden varieties to more contemporary hybrids. The lavender rose is available in many styles including bushes, trees and the long stem variety 1. The color is very popular in bouquets and arrangements.

Close Color Attributes

Lavender is a close cousin to blue. While there are no true blue roses in nature, scientists and rose lovers continue to breed roses in the hope of obtaining the elusive, true blue color. Because lavender is a close neighbor in the color spectrum, it has taken on some of the attributes of the imagined blue rose 1. Lavender roses can stand in for blue roses when you want your gift to signify wonder, mystery, impossibility and a sense of the magical, says the Floripedia website.


If you have experienced love at first sight, a gift of lavender roses would be an appropriate symbol to represent to your feelings. The lavender rose can signify enchantment and the idea that you are carried away by your romantic feelings for another, says Floripedia 1.


The color purple signifies royalty and splendor, so those same attributes are assigned to the lavender rose 1. In addition to love at first sight, and the feelings of mystery and enhancement, a gift of lavender roses can communicate your feelings of majesty and awe.

Romantic Intent

Because of their ties to the meaning of romantic feelings and enchantment, a bouquet of lavender roses can signify serious romantic intent. If you have fallen newly in love with someone, a bouquet of lavender roses are appropriate way of conveying your feelings and your hoped for romantic intent.