18th Birthday Party Ideas for Teen Girls

A girl's 18th birthday is a milestone event. She is no longer a little girl, but a legal adult. Help your daughter celebrate her big birthday in style and throw her a sophisticated and fun party 2. Unlike birthday parties when she was younger, you won't have to worry about coming up with games and activities to keep her and her guests amused. Simply choose a theme, put on some music and let the teenagers entertain themselves.


Milestone birthdays usually call for a surprise party. A surprise 18th, however, is risky, since you will have to convince all her friends to keep quiet. Also, the guest of honour may have such a busy schedule, it may be difficult for her to find time for the party. Your best bet is to hold the party at a friend or neighbour's house, so you can decorate without attracting too much attention from the birthday girl 2. Come up with a creative reason to get her to the location, but don't act too suspicious so you will not tip your hand.


Help your 18-year-old ease into adulthood with a sophisticated bash. Hire a limousine to pick her and a few of her closest girfriends up at your house. Reserve a room or suite at a hotel for them to party throughout the night. You may want to reserve an adjoining room so you can keep an eye on things to ensure no one gets out of hand. Have room service deliver snacks and the birthday cake to the suite. Look for a hotel that has plenty of fun on-site options, such as a swimming pool or jacuzzi.

Over The Top

If your daughter did not get a Sweet 16 party, her 18th birthday may be the time to throw her that once-in-a-lifetime, over-the-top party 2. Rent a reception hall for the evening and hire a band or deejay. Cater the party and hire waiters to pass appetizers and nonalcoholic drinks. Tell the guests to dress up as much as they can and buy your daughter a special dress or outfit. If you want to continue the over-the-top theme, pick out an elaborate birthday present, such as a new car or vacation.


Some 18-year-olds will appreciate a party that lets them get in touch with their wild side. If your teenager is a thrill seeker, consider throwing her a party that lets her run around and explore. You could send her and several of her friends white water rafting or rock climbing. Give her party a twist on the old sleepover and reserve a campsite for her and her friends. Bring along an extra tent for yourself.

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