Dance DVDs for Children

According to the National Dance Education Organization, dance benefits children in a few key areas, including physical development, emotional maturity, social awareness and cognitive development 1. A variety of DVDs introduce, teach and encourage children to dance--whether your goal is to start your child on a path for lifetime fitness through dance or whether you just want to give her another interesting hobby. Be sure to make note of recommended viewing ages and dance experience to avoid an inappropriate purchase.

Dancing for Kids

If you are looking to start with the basics and your child falls in the recommended age range of 4 to 6, the Dancing for Kids DVD teaches an introduction to ballet, tap and jazz. With step-by-step explanations and demonstrations, this product is among the top children’s dance DVD choices for consumers on Well-known children’s dance instructor Rosemary Boross takes children through this 90-minute lesson in baby ballet, tot tap and junior jazz. She covers basic ballet moves such as plie, tendu, grande jete and chasse, as well as tap steps that include:

  • cramp rolls
  • shuffle
  • dig
  • toe taps
  • heel taps
  • heel drops

Original, rhythmic music accompanies the dances, and preschool-aged children are shown preforming the moves, which makes the demonstrations more interesting and exciting.

Kidsongs-I Can Dance

The Kidsongs Kids and the Biggles are back in this dance edition of Kidsongs. The popular Kidsongs videos date to the early 1990s, and are a top pick in children’s DVDs among purchasers. This particular video teaches kids popular dances such as the Charleston, the twist and the waltz, among others, in a running time of 30 minutes. The exciting storyline will keep your children entertained throughout the entire video. Kidsongs recommends this video for children ages 1 through 8.

All Time Favorite Dances

Kimbo Educational’s best-selling title claims to be entertaining, educational and a promotion of fitness. The program is designed for elementary-aged children, and the 34-minute DVD offers song lyrics. It is appropriate for educational purposes as well as for social gatherings.

Everybody Dance!

Taught by a group of energetic dancing children, Everybody Dance! leads children through steps of popular party dances such as YMCA, La Bamba, the loco-motion and more in a 43-minute DVD. Lyrics and written instructions are included with this DVD to expedite learning. The high-energy approach appeals to children, and the DVD includes lyrics for those who want to sing along. This video is suitable for elementary-aged children who are interested in learning some or all of these well-known dances.

Learn to Hip Hop Volumes 1 & 2

Among the top children’s dance DVDs on, Learn to Hip Hop Volumes 1 & 2 teaches hip-hop dance moves and routines in a quick and efficient manner. Users learn dances through instruction from three young dancers presenting moves from award-winning hip-hop choreographer Shane Sparks. The 60-minute DVD is appropriate for dancers ages 6 and up, and claims to keep you and your children dancing for hours. In addition, a portion of the proceeds of this DVD will be donated to the Patane Foundation, which aims to develop youth leadership initiatives.