This 'Smart Condom' Tracks How Good You Are in the Sack

The i.Con tracks data related to your sex life, and it can also detect the presence of STIs.

Do you ever wonder how many calories you’re burning during sex? Are you curious about your thrust speed and velocity in comparison to other sexually active humans? Well, then today is your lucky day. Condoms just had a lovechild with a Fitbit to make the iCon Smart Condom, essentially a fitness tracker for getting your freak on (and then analyzing it).

A new wearable device called the i.Con Smart Condom monitors all kinds of data related to your sex life and performance in the sack. The i.Con — which isn’t exactly a condom, but an adjustable ring that sits over the base of the condom — will keep the recorded data anonymous, unless you choose to make it public to other i.Con users via a smartphone app.

Here’s a complete list of the stats that the i.Con can track, according to its manufacturer, British Condoms:

  • Calories burnt during sex
  • Speed of thrusts
  • Number, speed and average velocity of thrusts
  • Frequency and duration of sessions
  • Girth measurement 
  • Positions used (in beta testing)
  • Average skin temperature 
  • Presence of STIs

The thought of sharing your bedroom data with your partner and friends might intrigue or seriously disturb you. If you’re an exhibitionist, you’ll be thrilled to share the frequency and duration of your sex sessions. On the other hand, your friends might really not want to know that info.

For better or for worse, this product is in its final stages of testing and will be available for purchase in 2017 at a cost of £59.99, according to the British Condoms website. If anything, having a wearable device that immediately alerts you to the presence of STIs is undeniably useful. “The ring has an ‘antibodies filter’ that sends an alert to the app when it detects proteins or antigens found in STIs,” according to Medical Daily.

Can’t wait to purchase the i.Con Smart Condom? Just hope your sex stats don’t get leaked and become part of the public record.

—Erin Mosbaugh

Erin has made telling stories about food her profession. You can find those stories in Food & Wine, LA Weekly, Serious Eats, KCET, Robb Report and First We Feast.

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