Hang On, Men Are Getting Botox in the Scrotum?!

There is a new trend in plastic surgery. Men are now receiving Botox injections in their scrotums for various reasons.

You might associate Botox with housewives and Hollywood starlets, but there’s a whole new clientele turning to the wrinkle eraser: men. But it’s not just being used on guys’ foreheads. No, it most certainly is not. These days, the scrotum is the new preferred injection point. Yes, that sensitive bundle of nerve endings and precious hardware is now getting needles full of neurotoxins injected into it.

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Dr. John Mesa, a plastic surgeon based in Manhattan and New Jersey, was the first to perform the procedure, according to Uproxx. And — believe it or not — it was George Clooney who may have started the trend.

“The word on the street is that George Clooney does ball ironing; that he does Botox in the testicles to keep them smooth,” Mesa told the digital news outlet. “I do Botox to make the face smooth. That means Botox in the scrotum will be fine. When I got the phone call, I was like, ‘OK, I’ll do it because I already can imagine doing that.’”

Mesa says he has seen 15 men in 2016 for this particular procedure and expects for it to balloon in 2017, now that everyone is talking about it. The surgery takes roughly 10 to 15 minutes (and does not enter the testicles, if that was a concern) at a price point between $520 and $2,000, according to various reports.

A quick search on Reddit shows there are quite a few men out there unhappy with the appearance of their scrotums. Some brave users have had lap lamentations over every condition from the “high and tight” to the “one testicle is larger than the other.”

Los Angeles surgeon Dr. Jason Emer frequently works with cyclists and runners. He told U.S. News that he has been injecting Botox “in and around the genitals for sweating for nine years, and more recently solely on the scrotum.”

The question is: Is it worth it?

One anonymous patient of Dr. Mesa’s recently confessed to Cosmopolitan that the procedure had a huge impact on his sex life and body image: “It did make the sex more enjoyable. While it doesn’t make sex last longer, along with the aesthetics, my lower-hanging, relaxed and looser balls were more stimulating for my girlfriend.”

While a few patients and practitioners seem to be embracing the emerging trend, not every surgeon is quite as enthusiastic. New York board-certified surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman is worried about the lack of medical research regarding the longer-lasting effects of the procedure — mainly as it pertains to fertility.

“My interpretation is just because we can do it doesn’t mean we should do it,” he told U.S. News.

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What Do YOU Think?

Men, have you had similar insecurities about your scrotums? Would you consider the surgery? Ladies, do you care what scrotums look like? Do you think it’s dangerous to undergo procedures with limited knowledge as to their long-term effects? Tell us in the comments.