When Is it Appropriate to Wear a Sports Jacket?

The sports jacket is one of those ever trendy and stylish garments that should hold a place in every man's closet 2. While not for everyday wear, sports jackets contain an exceptional dose of style that make them appropriate for a number of highly important occasions. Whether it's a wedding you've got planned or a hot date with that someone special, a good sports jacket will have you looking impeccably masculine and stylish all at once.


Weddings are occasions to dress to impress, and a sports jacket will fit in nicely among the cocktail dresses and suits you'll see at the reception 2. Whether the wedding takes place at the beach, in a garden or at a local hall, so long as the invitation does not specify "black tie," your sports jacket is a safe bet for looking appropriate and stylish 2. For casual weddings, pair your jacket with a pair of dark wash jeans and boots. For more formal affairs, your sports jacket combined with a pair of complementing trousers will serve you well.


Parties are the perfect opportunity to take your sports jacket for a spin. For nights out on the town, opt for a sports jacket in charcoal or navy, always a great choice as it will pair well with many garments. Depending on the type of party, jeans or trousers might be appropriate. For graduation parties, engagement parties and other events where guests might be dressed up, pair your jacket with trousers in a neutral color for a look that's effortlessly chic. Avoid wearing a sports jacket and pants in a similar color 2. Sports jackets are meant to stand out 2.


Men have different ideas about what constitutes business casual attire, but a sports coat is always a welcome option when it comes to this type of dress. For important meetings that take place at restaurants or other locations that are relaxed and informal, a sports jacket with a pair of neat denim jeans is a fantastic choice for a look that's easy but put-together 2.


Throwing on a sports jacket is an instant way to look sharp. Not only do these jackets do wonders for a man's overall style, but they do an awesome job in flattering his body as well. A good sports jacket will enhance a gentleman's silhouette by broadening his shoulders and masking a bulgy midsection. Thus, this garment is ideal for impressing the ladies. Wear a sports jacket to a nice restaurant or out to drinks for a look that's both elegant and masculine.