Kinds Of Sweaters

They're soft, comfy and incredibly forgiving -- a sweater is many things and a wardrobe staple is one of them. However, while there are likely dozens of different sweater types, there are a select few that are more popular and more essential to your wardrobe than others. In case you're not a member of the fashion obsessed and don't know the names of certain sweaters, this list of some of the most popular kinds should make things easier.


Arguably the most popular sweater type, a pullover sweater is exactly what the name states. It typically boasts a round neckline and a relaxed fit throughout. Pullover sweaters are also ideal to wear on top of a shirt, whether it is a dress shirt, polo or a basic white tee. Many may see pullover sweaters as chunky and shapeless; to avoid this look, opt for styles that are one size smaller or feature a more streamlined design.


When you want to instantly open up your neckline, which in turn makes you look thinner, there is no better choice of sweater than a V-neck style. Aside from the flattering cut, a V-neck sweater is also one of the few types that can be worn during warmer temperatures because of its open neckline. For women that have bigger busts, it is best to wear a fitted tee or cami underneath your V-neck sweater to avoid showing an overabundance of cleavage.


This style of open sweater is characterized by its ability to be buttoned or zipped down the front 3. Just as the weather can be unpredictable with temperatures turning chilly out of nowhere, the temperatures inside buildings can be just as chill-inducing. Times like these demand a chic cardigan sweater that can equally knock off the chill, while updating your outfit to stylish heights. One of the best things about cardigans is that they come in a variety of lengths, colors, textures and patterns. Use this fashion knowledge to personalize your cardigan choice to fit your lifestyle and personality.


A turtleneck sweater is exactly what the name states; it features a high-neck turtleneck design with the fabric of a sweater. These sweater types are ideal for the days when the mere fabric of a traditional turtleneck simply doesn't provide enough warmth or you just want to spice up a basic look by combining the two styles into one. When wearing a turtleneck sweater, let it be the focal point, keeping jewelry and other accessories to a minimum to avoid overkill.

Cowl Neck

One of the more comfy and flattering sweater styles is the roomy cowl neck. A cowl-neck sweater features a long neckline that comes down below the neck and can be folded to resemble a necklace of sorts. Despite the mass of fabric that surrounds the neck when wearing a cowl neck sweater, it opens up your neckline as well with the draping effect. As with a turtleneck, the cowl-neck sweater style is the focal point; so not only should the rest of your outfit remain simple, but your jewelry should also be muted to avoid a busy appearance 3.