The Best Type of Bathing Suit for a Petite Woman in Her Fifties

Swimsuit shopping is a dreaded chore for many women, but women over 50 have the added difficulty of finding a suit that is both chic and age appropriate. Still, there's no reason not to flaunt what you’ve got, no matter what your age. To look and feel your best, find a swimsuit that complements your body shape 36. For petite women, this will be any suit that makes the body look tall, lean, and proportionate.


If you’re fit, confident, or simply loathe the idea of wearing a one-piece, there's no reason you shouldn’t don a bikini, even after 50. Leave the tiny string bikinis for younger women and opt for a two piece that provides a little more coverage. A halter top with a band underneath provides extra support, and bikini bottoms with a wide waist band cover the lower tummy.

To look taller in your swimsuit, look for bikini bottoms with a high thigh cut to help lengthen your legs 6.


One-piece swimsuits are making a major comeback, with a plethora of chic, stylish, and sexy designs to choose from. Play up womanly curves with a one-piece that features a plunging neckline or shape-enhancing ruching, which does double duty camouflaging the tummy. While the tankini is technically a two piece, the longer top makes it just as modest as a one piece.

Swimming in Style

Keep your swim look current yet effortless with a trendy one-shoulder suit. The single strap will provide lift and support while the modern silhouette looks updated and fresh. In terms of color, keep it classic. Darker tones like navy, emerald, and black will always be in style, which means you can get by with one suit for the entire summer season.

Complete the Look

All your swimsuit shopping will have been in vain if you throw a sloppy, oversized T-shirt over it once you get to the beach. Make an entire outfit out of your new suit with a chic sarong tied at your waist, which also provides more coverage once you leave the beach or pool. A wide brimmed straw hat shields you from the sun and sartorial disasters, while strappy sandals add a touch of sophistication you won’t find with flip flops.