How to Make Stiff Leather Dress Boot Heels More Comfortable

Leather dress boots look terrific, and with proper care, the boots retain their quality and appearance for years. New leather boots, however, are often stiff and the breaking-in period is painful, especially in the heel area 2. As a result, those new dress boots live out their lives in the back of your closet. Before you give up, take steps to break in the boots properly, which will extend the life of the footwear and eliminate uncomfortable, painful heels.

Break in new leather dress boots gently. Wear the boots around the house while you walk on carpeted floors or watch TV. Wear the boots for short periods and let your feet rest in-between. Thereafter, wear boots on days that don't require extensive walking during the breaking-in period 2. Limit wearings to a few hours at a time until the heels are softer and more comfortable.

Flex the sole of the boot gently to soften the boot and remove some of the stiffness. You can also ask a professional shoe repair specialist to roll the stiff heels.

Wear new socks that are soft and protect your heels. Be sure the socks have no seams or wrinkles in the heel area.

Spray your feet with an antiperspirant foot spray if the boot heels rub. The antiperspirant foot spray reduces blister-causing friction during the break-in period.


Select leather dress boots carefully to be sure the boots fit correctly. Improperly fitted boots with heels that are too loose or too tight often result in discomfort.