Supplements for Children for Brain Focus

Improved mental focus can bolster a kid’s ability to receive, retain and apply information, leading to better performance in academic and nonacademic activities. Dietary supplements can enhance a child’s brain focus and cognitive functionality. Besides boosting a child’s brain development and focus, certain supplements reduce chances of a child suffering from disorders associated with mental development and functionality. Consult a physician for guidance before giving a kid any dietary supplements to avoid unwanted effects.

Gingko Biloba and Ginseng

Gingko and ginseng are natural herbs that act as cognitive stimulators and enhance blood circulation in the brain, according to Columbia University’s Richard Brown and They sharpen a child’s mental focus by reducing or eliminating instances of impulsiveness and distractibility. Gingko biloba has chemicals that enhance blood flow to the brain -- called terpenoids -- boosting a child’s memory and cognitive abilities. Gingko and ginseng have no side effects, but sometimes overstimulation may occur in younger children. Consult a doctor immediately if you think a child is overstimulated.

B Vitamins

The B vitamins enhance a child’s alertness and focus, Brown says. Various studies have shown that kids who ingested B vitamin supplements had a higher IQ than those that didn’t. Brown notes that besides increasing dopamine levels in the brain, vitamin B-6 can make a child more attentive. Vitamin B-5 is an antistress and antianxiety agent, implying that it can bolster a child’s focus and performance in activities requiring high levels of mental concentration. Vitamin B-12 is essential for optimal functionality of both nerves and red blood cells and prevents memory loss.

Dietary Mineral Supplements

Zinc, magnesium and iron are essential minerals that augment optimal brain functionality. Zinc and iron synthesize dopamine, an essential neurotransmitter that is important for a child’s alertness and memory. Zinc and iron deficiencies can cause inattention and poor cognitive abilities in a child. Magnesium has a calming effect on the brain, which can help a child focus more, reports 3. In addition to boosting brain power, magnesium lowers the risk of cerebral palsy in a child, according to 3.


Antioxidants neutralize harmful chemicals in a child’s body -- free radicals, which would otherwise intoxicate brain cells. Polyphenols are effective antioxidants derived from pycnogenol, a plant extract from French maritime pine bark 2. Although more research is needed to ascertain their effectiveness, a 2006 double-blind study showed that polyphenols rid brain cells of the toxic free radicals. Pycnogenol can also enhance a child’s brain activity and alertness 2. Other antioxidants that can cleanse the brain and enhance a child’s brain focus include vitamins C and E, and coenzymes A and Q. Supplementing a child’s diet with antioxidants can boost his mental focus.