How to Write a Help Wanted Ad for Parenting

Parents often need to place a "help wanted" ad for help around the house and with the children. There are many things to consider to write an effective ad 1. When writing the ad, keep it brief, read it aloud to make sure it is less than 60 seconds 1. Try to be as specific as possible, and add a dynamic picture would help to personalize the ad.

Increase the point size of the first sentence, and add a picture below it. Use this sentence to summarize the job position in few words.

List the necessary skills for the job by using adjectives. Use the passive form to explain why you are looking someone to help you. For example: "Responsible, communicative, hardworking nanny needed for ..."

Write the age, sex and special requirements of the children being cared for.

State when the person should be available. Clearly write days and times if there are any specific ones 1. Warn if the hours are flexible. Add the hourly rate you will be paying this person.

End the article by listing any other duties required for the position. Add contact details and the gest time to be contacted.