Weight Loss Help for Busy Moms

Being a mom is a busy job, whether you’re a new mom or one who has been at it for a few years. Taking care of an infant, entertaining toddlers and keeping up with the demands of school-age children leaves little time for anything else, including taking care of your own weight-loss goals. When you’re this busy, it becomes easy to fall into the old fast food and no time to exercise trap, and it’s not doing anyone any favors. Just because you are short on time doesn’t mean you have to be short on health or big on weight.

Portion Control

One weight-loss tip even the busiest of moms can live with is learning how to control your portions. After all, no matter how busy you are, you have to take time to eat so this won’t take any more time out of your day. According to Eileen Behan R.D. a New Hampshire-based dietitian, enjoying a cookie or a cheeseburger isn’t going to cause you to gain weight; it’s the amount of these things that you eat causing you to gain weight. The trick is to control your portions by knowing exactly how much of what to put on your plate. Try eating off smaller plates and loading up the majority of said plate with healthy vegetables and meats, and leaving only a little room for carbohydrates and other side dishes.

Take a Walk

One of the best forms of exercise for moms, especially new moms, is walking, according to WebMD. It helps to keep your body active, your metabolism up and your energy levels on target. Since you’re such a busy mom, finding time to walk may not always be easy, so you might have to get creative. If you can’t get out and take a walk around the neighborhood pushing your baby stroller around, park in the back of the parking lot when you head to the grocery store and walk around the length of the lot on your way in and out. Do the same everywhere you go. If you live close to your child’s school, walk to drop him off and pick him up when the weather permits. If you live close to the park or to your favorite shops or restaurants, skip the car and run your errands on foot. Take the stairs instead of the elevator -- when you don’t have a stroller with you.

Say No to Fad Diets

According to Debra Waterhouse, R.D., M.P.H., and California-based dietitian, your body may morph into shape quickly when you try fad diets, but the chance of your old weight -- and then some -- coming back quickly is high. The best diet option is to make a healthy lifestyle change by eating healthier. Don’t give up carbohydrates all together. However, you can give up white carbs, such as white bread, white pasta and white rice by simply replacing each one with a wheat or whole grain version to help with weight loss.

Exercise Often

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), you only need two and a half hours of moderate exercise each week to keep your body in shape 2. Since you are a busy mom without much free time, break that down by day and you need approximately 21 minutes of exercise each day to maintain optimal health. Even the busiest mom can find 20 extra minutes each day for moderate exercise, such as walking, running, biking, swimming, aerobics or even yoga. The best news is that you don’t have to work out for 20 minutes at a time. The CDC states that it’s just as effective to exercise in 10-minute intervals to see the same results.