Ways to Display Rubber Ducks

Bath toys help keep your child entertained in the tub and less likely to fuss about having to be there. The rubber duck has long been a bath time staple. But when the bath is over, you have to find a way to store the toys that allows them to dry properly while keeping them out of the way 1. Instead of hiding the rubber ducks away in a drawer, display them as part of the bathroom decor. This will keep them accessible while allowing them to air dry and brighten up the room at the same time.


Storing rubber ducks in mesh bags allows the ducks to dry while keeping them visible. Choose a color of netting to match the bathroom decor. Mesh bags can be attached to the bathtub surround with suction cups. Alternatively, you can stretch a mesh net like a hammock in one corner of the tub, attaching each end to the tub surround with suction cups. This lets you line up the ducks, leaving them more accessible at bath time as you won't have to reach into a bag.

Tub Ledges

Add a plastic ledge or shelf to one wall of the tub surround. Set the ledge low enough that a bathing child can reach the ducks. The ledge or shelf can be suctioned to the wall or built in as a more permanent part of the surround. Decorate the ledge with cute pictures or leave it bare to match the tub. Using a plastic shelf with holes in the shelf will allow the toys to drain. Line the ducks up in a row on the shelf or ledge between baths.


Use a colander to display your duck collection. Buy a colander large enough to hold all the ducks, or colanders of varying sizes to make the display more interesting. Buy one colander or a set in one color to match the bathroom color scheme. You could also get several different colors to make a bolder statement. Place the duck colanders next to the sink or on a cabinet that won't be damaged if the ducks drip. Put a placemat or another plastic sheet under the ducks to protect wooden counter tops.

Medicine Cabinets

Re-purpose a medicine cabinet as a duck display. Remove the door and add an attractive frame around the edge of the cabinet. Set the ducks on the shelves. In lieu of a medicine cabinet, add a small set of shelves to any bathroom wall to display the ducks. If you don't want drips, allow the toys to dry before putting them back on the shelves. If you use shelves with drip holes, set colorful bowls on the bottom shelf to catch the drips.